New Governance Handbook and Competency Framework released

On 12th January 2017, the Department for Education (DfE) released its latest edition of the Governance Handbook together with a Competency Framework for Governance.
These are essential resources for governors and trustees as they outline the roles and responsibilities of a governor and the legal duties of the governing board. 

These guides are about:

  • governing bodies in local-authority-maintained schools
  • boards of trustees in academies

The ‘Governance handbook’ explains:

  • school governors’ roles and functions
  • their legal duties
  • where they can find support

The ‘Competency framework for governance’ sets out the knowledge and skills that school and academy governing boards need to be effective.

In schools maintained by local authorities, these guides apply to:

  • governors
  • headteachers
  • clerks
  • others involved in their governance

In academies, they apply to:

  • members of the academy trust
  • trustees
  • local governors
  • principals
  • clerks
  • others involved in their governance

The ‘Statutory policies for schools’ page outlines the policies and other documents school governing bodies are legally required to have.

The Governance Handbook and Competency Framework can be downloaded from the link below.

Download from the DFE here