Individual School Governor Skills Survey       

A skills audit is a process for identifying governors’ skills, knowledge and experience and comparing these against those required by the school now and in the future. It also assists in identifying the recruitment/selection and training/development of governors.

An annual skills audit enables a Governing Body to undertake an overall assessment of its effectiveness. The information obtained will be of use in informing/supporting the structure of the governing body ensuring that the shape (model), function and delegation to committees or boards and specific tasks to individuals are appropriate in fulfilling their strategic role effectively.

The Local authority has provided a Skills survey Spreadsheet and analysis sheet for use by Governing Bodies. (see attachments below).
If governing bodies wish to use the survey, the spreadsheets can be downloaded. The individual sheet needs to be distributed to governing body members, then completed either electronically or by hard copy. The individual sheets then need to be collated by the governing body, entering the results in the analysis sheet.
More details on how to complete the survey can be found in the spreadsheets.

This exercise is most effective if everyone on a governing body takes part.

Further areas of skills, knowledge etc. can be added in the Custom Fields where your Governing Body consider these to be appropriate to your school.